LGBT – Same Sex Wedding Celebrant Based in Melbourne

LGBT – Same Sex Wedding Celebrant Based in Melbourne

Over the years, I have been engaged with many same sex ceremonies, in which LGBT couples celebrate their love for each other with family & friends. Due to the marriage laws of Australia, prior to 2018 these ceremonies were nothing more than a get together and the government did not recognise these are real marriages. Fortunately this has all turned around and Australia has taken the step forward in recognising marriage equality. I am a proud supporter of marriage equality for all, and gives me great pleasure I can now legally help LGBT couples become united as one through marriage.

Love was never gender based in the dictionary and marriage was actually never stipulated to be between a man and a woman only until religion and laws came along. Being a celebrant who has done many “same sex commitment ceremonies”, it now gives me great honour and pleasure to be able to actually “MARRY” these same sex and LGBT couples legally.

It is now a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your existing relationship and publicly affirm your commitment to one another.

I have vast experience with same sex commitment ceremonies in the past, and would be happy to help make your day and your ceremony just the way you want it.

Same Sex LGBT wedding services by Tony Gee include:
Creation of a ceremony reflective of your spiritual, cultural and family traditions
Unlimited contact- phone calls and emails
Resources, readings and poems to choose from
A beautiful ‘Presentation Copy’ of your wedding ceremony

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